Prof. Dr. Ralf Borndörfer

Curriculum Vitae


Aug. 20, 1967
Born in Münster (Westfalia)
Elementary School in Oerlinghausen
Hans-Ehrenberg Gymnasium in Bielefeld-Sennestadt
Military Service in Augustdorf
Studies of Mathematics with Economics at the University of Augsburg
Dec. 1991
Diploma in Mathematics with Economics
Teaching Assistant at the Technical University of Berlin
Scientific Assistant at the Zuse-Institute Berlin
Mar. 1998
Graduation in Natural Sciences
since Mar. 1998
Postdoc at the Zuse-Institute Berlin
Jul. 2000
Foundation of Löbel & Borndörfer GbR
Jul. 2002
Founding member of the DFG Research Center MATHEON
Mar. 2004
Extension to Dres. Löbel, Borndörfer & Weider GbR
Okt. 2007
Deputy Head of Optimization Department at Zuse Institute Berlin
Jun. 2010
Habilitation at Technical University of Berlin
Okt. 2010
Substitute of the University Professorship W3 for Mathematics (Prof. Dr. Alexander Martin) at Technical University of Darmstadt (W2)
Nov. 2012
University Professorship for Discrete Mathematics with Focus Discrete Optimization in Traffic and Transport at Free University of Berlin (W2)

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