Prof. Dr. Ralf Borndörfer



Matheon-B1: Strategic Planing in Public Transport
Matheon-B15: Service Design in Public Transport
Matheon B22: Rolling Stock Roster Planning for Railways
DS-OPT: Duty Scheduling in Public Transport
IS-OPT: Integrated Vehicle and Crew Scheduling in Public Transport
VPP: Vehicle Positioning Problem in Public Transport
CS-OPT: Airline Crew Scheduling
tail-rxOPT: Robust Tail Assignment
Trassenbörse: Optimal Railway Track Allocation
KOSMOS: Optimal Routing of Rail Freight Traffic
VR-OPT: Vehicle Rotation Planning for Long Distance Passenger Railways
TOLLCONTROLOPT: Optimization of Toll Control Tours
Telebus: Optimization of Berlin's Telebus Dial-a-Ride Service for Handicapped People
MAD: Matrixdekomposition
FAP: Frequency Assignment in Cellular Phone Networks

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