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Aufgabe der Abteilung Numerische Analysis und Modellierung ist die Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich der algorithmisch orientierten Numerischen Mathematik mit Schwerpunkt nichtlineare Modelle, insbesondere Differentialgleichungsmodelle.


Ziel der Forschungsarbeiten in der Abteilung Visualisierung und Datenanalyse ist die Entwicklung neuer, effektiver Verfahren zur Visuellen Datenanalyse.

Numerical Mathematics

The division of Numerical Mathematics comprises two departments:

  • Numerical analysis and modeling
  • Visualization and data analysis

The department of Numerical Analysis and Modeling does research and development work in the field of algorithm oriented numerical mathematics focusing on nonlinear models, in particular differential equation models. The aim is the construction of efficient and reliable algorithms for simulation, identification and optimization (including optimal control) in complex technological problems. Thereby questions of mathematical modeling should often be included.
The department divides into four working groups:

  • Computational medicine
  • Computational molecular design
  • Computational nano-optics
  • Computational systems biology

It is the aim of the department Visualization and Data Analysis to develop new and efficient techniques for visual data analysis. For this purpose algorithms are developed in the fields of image and data analysis, geometry processing, computer graphics and visualization. The department divides into four working groups:

  • Visualization algorithms
  • Visualization systems
  • Medical planning
  • Comparative visualization

The processes developed here find applications in the fields of molecular physics, neuro and plant biology, medical therapy planning, computer-based surgery, geo and astrophysics as well as flow analysis. The department makes visualization software and hardware (e.g. Studio da Vinci) available and helps users to implement complex visualization projects.