Investigation of the Technical Capacity of Gas Networks



With the German Energy Act (“Gesetz zur Neuregelung des Energiewirtschaftsrechts”) the situation on the gas market has undergone a profound change. Core concepts of this law are the virtual trading point (VT) and the resulting technical capacity (TC). The new statutory regulations are formulated in simple words, however, their technical implementation gives rise to ambiguously specified, highly complex mathematical questions and therefore to genuine scientific challenges. At present, TC is determined by means of simulation calculations that only deliver approximations of unknown quality. There is no investigation available as to which types of networks produce the best implementation of the VT concept in the spirit of the act. The core problem is to determine a practice-adequate and mathematically verified TC. The understanding gained in the course of this project will allow network operators to allot higher capacities and enable the regulator to check capacity specifications more effectively. It is the aim of the project to investigate the key factors influencing the TC, to understand their implications and to enable mathematically reliable statements on network capacities.

A major element of the project is the organisation of a series of workshops at the Federal Network Agency, at which the research findings will be presented to the public, especially the network operators. The first workshop will be held on 8 November 2010.


  Thorsten Koch


  Benjamin Hiller
Jácint Szabó




  Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology


  07/2009 - 06/2012