CV in Tabular Form

a joint graduate school of the TU Berlin, FU Berlin, and HU Berlin

Personal Information
Name Hege, Hans-Christian
Place of Birth Kapellen-Deutschhof, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Nationality German
Civil status Married, 2 children
1984 – 1989 Graduate Studies in Theoretical Physics (Computational Physics, Quantum Field Theory, Lattice Gauge Theory),
Freie Universität Berlin
1977 – 1984 Diploma Studies in Physics (major), Mathematics, and Philosophy,
Freie Universität Berlin
1974 – 1977 Further Education (Abitur),
Speyer-Kolleg, Speyer a. Rh.
Professional Development
2018 – present Member of the Faculty of the Berlin Mathematical School, a joint graduate school of the three major Berlin universities, TU Berlin, FU Berlin, and HU Berlin
2003 – 2012 Honorary Professor
for Scientific Visualization and Simulation at the Hochschule für digitale Medienproduktion (“German Film School”) and the Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin
2001 – 2006 Guest Professor
teaching Scientific Visualization in a PhD program in Computer Science,
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
1991 – present Head of the Research Department
Visual Data Analysis at ZIB (1994 start of development of the visual data analysis framework Amira within the DFG SFB 273, Hyperthermia: Methodics and Clinics)
1989 – 1991 Researcher in High Performance Computing
and Computational Physics, ZIB
1984 – 1989 Research Associate in Computational Physics,
Freie Universität Berlin
Research Fields
1991 – present Data Visualization, Data and Image Analysis
with applications (sorted according to length scale) in:

  • Quantum Chemistry (quantum reaction dynamics, electronic properties, molecular orbitals)
  • Biochemistry (conformation analysis, drug design)
  • Biology (neurobiology, developmental biology, plant biology, cell biology, molecular biology)
  • Biophysics (molecular surfaces, molecular paths, cavity dynamics, membrane transport)
  • Materials Science (biological materials, porous media, composites, metals)
  • Medicine (oncology, angiology, orthopedics and biomechanics, gastroenterology, cardiology)
  • Flow Dynamics (flow control, turbulence, coherent structures)
  • Archaeology (landscape and urban reconstruction, museum didactics, virtual unfolding of papyri)
  • Landscape and Urban Modeling (vegetation modeling, landscape planning, visualization for exhibitions)
  • Climate Research (climate visualization, ensemble visualization, cloud tracking)
  • Astrophysics (numerical relativity, collision of black holes and neutron stars, star formation, cometary plasma and dust)
1989 – 1994 High Performance Computing, Computational Physics
1984 – 1989 Quantum Field Theory, Lattice Gauge Theory, Computational Physics
1982 – 1984 Stochastic Geometry, Computational Geometry, Statistical Physics, Computational Physics
Professional Services
2018 Co-Chair IEEE Vis 2018 – including IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), IEEE Information Visualization (InfoVis), and IEEE Scientific Visualization (SciVis)
2018 Co-Chair Challenges in the Computational Modeling of Beijing’s Air Pollution and Traffic
2016 Co-Chair International Geometry Summit (incl. Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP), Shape Modeling International (SMI) and Solid and Physical Modeling (SPM))
2016, 2008 Co-Chair MathFilm Festival
2015, 2013 Co-Chair Eurographics Medical Prize Competition – MedPrize
2013, 2009 Co-Chair Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences – VMLS
2009 Co-Chair Eurographics/IEEE Symposium on Visualization – EuroVis
2008, 2007 Co-Chair IEEE/Eurographics International Symposia on Volume Graphics
2007 Co-Chair Topology-Based Methods in Visualization – TopoInVis
2002, 1997, 1995 Co-Chair International Conferences on Visualization and Mathematics – VisMath
1998 Co-Chair VideoMath Festival at International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM)
1998 - Member of Editorial Board of Book Series Mathematics + Visualization, Springer
1991 - Member of about 70 International Program Committees
Teaching Activities
1975 – 1977 Piano Teacher, Pfälzisches Konservatorium für Musik, Kaiserslautern
1981 – 1984 Student Tutor, Computer Programming and Numerical Physics, Department of Physics, Freie Universität Berlin
1984 – 1989 Research Assistant, Tutorials in Theoretical Physics and Computational Physics, Department of Physics, Freie Universität Berlin
1985 – 1986 Lecturer “Numerical Methods and Programming”, Technische Fachhochschule Berlin
since 1996 Lecturer at International Summer Schools for Graduate Students on topics of Scientific Visualization, Mathematical Visualization and Image Processing
2001 – 2006 Guest Professor, Advanced Computer Graphics and Data Visualization (PhD course in computer science), Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
2001 – 2007 Honorary Professor for Scientific Visualization, German Film School – University for Digital Media Production, Elstal
since 2003 Lectureships in Scientific Visualization, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Freie Universität Berlin
Industrial Experience
2005 – 2009 Co-founder and Scientific Advisor,
Lenné3D GmbH, Berlin
1999 – 2004 Co-founder and CEO,
Indeed – Visual Concepts GmbH, Berlin
(now: Visage Imaging)
1986 – 1989 Co-Founder and Senior Scientist,
Mental Images GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin
(now: NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Center)
ACM Association for Computing Machinery
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Eurographics European Association for Computer Graphics
(since 2016: elected fellow)
GI Gesellschaft für Informatik
DPG Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
CURAC Deutsche Gesellschaft für Computer- und Roboterassistierte Chirurgie

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