The following software – listed in reverse chronological order – has been developed in my lab:


Software Original developer(s) Comments
iCon.text Marco Klindt, Steffen Prohaska iCon.text is a customizable iPad kiosk application for museums to display information about selected artefacts or exhibits; it is available on the Apple App Store.
Amira ZIB Edition joint undertaking
of the entire lab
Academic version of Amira; building on the commercial version Amira® and its derivative Avizo® (see below).
Biosphere3D Malte Clasen Used and supported by the spin-off company Lenné3D.
Lenne3D viewer Liviu Coconu Used and supported by the spin-off company Lenné3D.
doc++ Roland Wunderling, Malte Zöckler doc++ is the root of the widely used documentation system Doxygen ! Until 1998 doc++ was developed in my group (some remnants you can find, e.g., here and here). Afterwards Dragos Acostachioaie started to maintain doc++. Inspired by doc++, Dimitri van Heesch started in autumn 1997 the development of Doxygen, building on code of doc++.
Amira®, Avizo® Detlev Stalling Its roots go back to the software HyperPlan that we started to develop in 1994; the software was fully redesigned, greatly enhanced, and ported from SGI Irix to HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows by the spin-off company Indeed Visual Concepts GmbH (which I co-founded in March 1999); at ZIB we still use the software as a framework for research in visual data analysis; it is now co-developed, distributed and supported by VSG – Visualization Sciences Group – an FEI Company, now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. For more details see the Wikipedia article about the Amira software.
SoPlex Roland Wunderling An optimization package for solving linear programming problems (LPs), using an advanced implementation of the primal and dual revised simplex algorithm. SoPlex is distributed and supported by ZIB and can be used in combination with SCIP, a software suite for solving linear and nonlinear mixed integer programming problems.

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