The following software – listed in reverse chronological order – has been developed in my lab:

Software Original developer(s) Comments
iCon.text Marco Klindt, Steffen Prohaska iCon.text is a customizable iPad kiosk application for museums to display information about selected artefacts or exhibits; it is available on the Apple App Store.
Amira ZIB Edition joint undertaking
of the entire lab
Academic version of Amira; building on the commercial version Amira® and its derivative Avizo® (see below).
Biosphere3D Malte Clasen Ased and supported by the spin-off company Lenné3D.
Lenne3D viewer Liviu Coconu Used and supported by the spin-off company Lenné3D.
doc++ Roland Wunderling, Malte Zöckler doc++ is the root of the widely used documentation system Doxygen ! Until 1998 doc++ was developed in my group (some remnants you can find, e.g., here and here). Afterwards Dragos Acostachioaie started to maintain doc++. Inspired by doc++, Dimitri van Heesch started in autumn 1997 the development of Doxygen, building on code of doc++.
Amira®, Avizo® Detlev Stalling Its roots go back to the software HyperPlan that we started to develop in 1994; the software was fully redesigned, greatly enhanced, and ported from SGI Irix to HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows by the spin-off company Indeed Visual Concepts GmbH (which I co-founded in March 1999); at ZIB we still use the software as a framework for research in visual data analysis; it is now co-developed, distributed and supported by VSG – Visualization Sciences Group – an FEI Company. For more details see the Wikipedia article.
SoPlex Roland Wunderling Distributed and supported by ZIB.

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