Research Areas

My research aims at the development of novel and effective methods for visual data analysis.
In the department Visual Data Analysis at ZIB, which I’m heading, we develop algorithms in image and data analysis, geometry processing, computer graphics, and visualization and we implement practically usable software. All research is motivated by real-world problems.

The problems, we are addressing, come mainly from the following domains – here sorted according to the length scale of the objects of interest:

  • Quantum Chemistry (quantum reaction dynamics, electronic properties, molecular orbitals)
  • Biochemistry (conformation analysis, drug design)
  • Biology (neurobiology, developmental biology, plant biology, cell biology, molecular biology)
  • Biophysics (molecular surfaces, molecular paths, cavity dynamics, membrane transport)
  • Materials Science (biological materials, porous media, composites, metals)
  • Medicine (oncology, angiology, orthopedics and biomechanics, gastroenterology, cardiology, epidemiologiy)
  • Flow Dynamics (flow control, turbulence, coherent structures)
  • Archaeology (landscape and urban reconstruction, museum didactics, virtual unfolding of papyri, analysis of papyrus writings)
  • Landscape and Urban Modeling (vegetation modeling, landscape planning, visualization for exhibitions)
  • Climate Research (climate visualization, ensemble visualization, cloud tracking, hurricane genesis)
  • Astrophysics (numerical relativity, collision of black holes and neutron stars, star formation, cometary plasma and dust)

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