SS 2011

Introduction to Scientific Visualization (SS 2011)

Dr. Ingrid Hotz

Form: Lecture, 2+2 SWS, 6 LP, 4-N

Content: We present fundamentals, important concepts and algorithms used in scientific visualization and give an introduction to future developments and challenges in this field. We focus on methods for the visualization of scalar, vector and tensor data. Information and abstract data visualization will be treated briefly.

Topics include:

  • Fundamentals (Visualization pipeline, data structures, data types)
  • Basic definitions of computer graphics
  • Simple interpolation methods
  • Standard techniques like volume and surface visualization, isosurfaces, vector and tensor field visualization
  • Selected topics in information visualization and visualization systems

Target audience: Computer science and mathematic students (Diplom, Master)


  • Telea, A. C. Data Visualization: Principles and Practice, AK Peters, Ltd., 2008.
  • Schumann, Müller: Visualisierung - Grundlagen und allgemeine Methoden, Springer Verlag, 1999.
  • W. Schroeder, K. Martin, B. Lorensen: The Visualization Toolkit, Prentice Hall, 1997.

Course Overview

Date Location Location Tut. Topic Slides Homework
13.4.11 ZIB-HS N/A Introduction lecture1Intro.pdf N/A
20.4.11 ZIB-HS N/A Data Representation and Interpolation lecture2Data.pdf homework1.pdf
27.4.11 ZIB-HS ZIB-HS Basic Methods - Scalar Fields 1 lecture3Scalar1.pdf homework2.pdf
4.5.11 E31, Arnimallee 7 E31, Arnimallee 7 Basic Methods - Scalar Fields 2 lecture3Scalar2.pdf homework3.pdf-
11.5.11 ZIB-HS Raum 051, Takustr. 9 lecture5Scalar3.pdf homework4.pdf
18.5.11 Raum 046, Takustr. 9 Raum 051, Takustr. 9 lecture6Vector2.pdf homework5.pdf
25.5.11 Raum 046, Takustr. 9 Raum 051, Takustr. 9 lecture7Vector3Tensor1.pdf homework6.pdf
01.6.11 ZIB-HS Raum 051, Takustr. 9 lecture8Tensor2.pdf N/A
08.6.11 ZIB-HS Raum 051, Takustr. 9 lecture9ScalarTopo1.pdf homework7.pdf
15.6.11 ZIB-HS Raum 051, Takustr. 9 lecture10ScalarTopo2.pdf N/A
22.6.11 ZIB-HS Raum 051, Takustr. 9 lecture11_discreteMorseTheory.pdf homework8.pdf
29.6.11 ZIB-SR Raum 051, Takustr. 9 lecture12_vectorTopo1.pdf homework9.pdf
06.7.11 ZIB-SR Raum 051, Takustr. 9 lecture13_vectorTopo2.pdf homework10.pdf
13.7.11 ZIB-HS Raum 051, Takustr. 9 lecture14_exploration.pdf N/A

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