The Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) finances its scientific work via three main sources: the basic financial stock of the Federal State of Berlin, and third-party funds of public sponsors, and industrial cooperation contracts. 

In 2015, ZIB raised third-party funding by a large number of projects. Project related public third-party funds increased from € 4,339,000 in 2014 to € 5,723,000 in 2015; industrial third-party projects decreased from € 2,905,000 to € 2,106,000. The significant reduction of funds raised in the industrial sector results from the reassignment of funds in the context of our private-public partnership program Research Campus (Forschungscampus) MODAL: within MODAL, industry funds complement public funding by the German Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF), and together they are combined into one large project that is listed as publicly funded.

In total, € 7,829,000 third-party funding marked a new record in ZI B’s history - an increase for the fourth year in a row!

Based on these success stories, the number of employees at ZIB increased from 208 to 224 employees despite the fact that many highly qualified scientists were offered attractive careers in academia or industrial research elsewhere.

The new HLRN-III high-performance computer at ZIB performed well in 2015. And again, the institute’s longterm data storage was further expanded. As a consequence, a large number of new research collaborations with Berlinbased, national, and international institutions in this area could be initiated. With these developments, ZIB strengthened its position as a competence center for computing and data science.