The Cray XC40/30 'Konrad' system, part of the HLRN-III.

The Supercomputing department uniquely combines service offerings for supercomputer users on the one hand and research in the interdisciplinary area of high-performance computing and computational science and engineering domains. The foundation of our work is the North-German Supercomputer HLRN that is operated by our department.

The HPC Consulting group provide scientific and technical guidance for users to implement and perform large scientific projects on the HLRN systems. For that, the HPC consultants bring in their research experience in various science domains like chemistry, earth sciences, physics, and life sciences to support users requiring advanced computing and storage resources to solve their scientific questions. 

The HPC Systems group designs, implements and deploys the supercomputing services.

Technology innovations change continuously the way of supercomputing. In close cooperation with technology providers and scientists we develop in the Algorithms for Innovative Architectures group new methods to make the potential of new technologies accessible for various applications, e.g., in material science and numerical mathematics. For that, we design new algorithmic approaches and support the application developers with the integration into their workloads.

In addition to the HLRN production system we operate various innovative compute and storage platforms with manycore CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs and network attached memory and SSDs, respectively, as test and development systems.

Cray TDS