Seminar Modern Methods in Applied Stochastics and Nonparametric Statistics
WIAS Berlin

Dr. M. Maurelli (WIAS Berlin)

2D Stochastic Euler equations: Flow representation and vortex approximation

Programm / Abstract:
We consider two dimensional Euler equations (in vorticity form) for incompressible fluids, with a stochastic term of transport-type. Deterministic Euler equations in 2D can be associated with an ODE with non-local (mean field) way. We extend this interpretation to the stochastic case and we provide well-posedness and suitable particle approximation. This is based on joint works with Michele Coghi, Franco Flandoli and Zdzislaw Brzezniak.

am Dienstag den 18. Juli 2017 um 15:00

Mohrenstr. 39
10117 Berlin
Weierstraß-Hörsaal (Raum: 406) 4. Etage

eingetragen von chschnei(, 030 20372574)

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