Forschungsseminar Algebra und Zahlentheorie
Prof. Dr. E. Große-Klönne

Prof. Dr. Yuval Flicker, Ariel University, Israel

Finite subgroups of special linear groups, with arithmetic applications

Programm / Abstract:
Abstract: Regulator maps à la Perrin-Riou play an important role in the Iwasawa theory of cyclotomic fields: they map for instance very special (norm compatible systems of) units to p-adic L-functions. Recently the Iwasawa theory for Lubin-Tate extensions has become quite popular and I will report on  results towards the construction of regulator maps in this setting using (\varphi,\Gamma)-modules (joint work with Peter Schneider).

am Mittwoch den 14. Februar 2018 um 11:15

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut für Mathematik
Rudower Chaussee 25
12489 Berlin
R. 2.006

eingetragen von Carmen Zyska(, (30] 20931812)

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