Lecture: Game Theory and Traffic Optimization


Wintersemester 2013/2014

LV-Nr.: 19081 (VL), 19081a (UE)

Prof. Dr. Ralf Borndörfer (www)      Dr. Guillaume Sagnol (www)

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This course covers selected topics from cooperative and noncooperative game theory, with applications in telecommunication networks. After a broad introduction to the fundamentals of game theory, we will see the use of different theoretical concepts like "Nash and Stackelberg equilibria" or the "price of anarchy" for some chosen application related to traffic management in transportation networks. A non-exhaustive list of the covered topics includes:

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Network algorithms, Linear and Mixed Integer Programming

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The material for this course is mailny based on the following references: As well as on the following research articles (preprints are available on the Internet):

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Prof. Dr. Ralf Borndörfer (www) ZIB R3033 84185-243 borndoerferzib.de
Dr. Guillaume Sagnol (www) ZIB R3302 84185-222 sagnolzib.de

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