Robert Schwarz Robert Schwarz
address:Zuse Institute Berlin
Takustraße 7
14195 Berlin-Dahlem gpg

Current Work

As part of the project ForNe, I am currently working on optimization of gas pipeline networks.

More specifically, I deal with the following problems arising within ForNe:

Furthermore, I'm involved in the development and administration of the web interface for the solver software Lamatto++, based on CherryPy.

In addition, I help administrate the SLURM cluster queue for the Mathematical Optimization department.

Short Academic CV

2010- Research assistant at Zuse Institute Berlin, Mathematical Optimization department, in the Energy Network Optimization group..
2007-2010 Tutoring lectures on Linear Algebra, Numerical Mathematics, Combinatorial Optimization and Compiler Construction at the University of Heidelberg
2006-2007 Student of mathematics at the University of Paris VI and VII as part of the ERASMUS student exchange program.
2004-2010 Student of mathematics and computer science at the University of Heidelberg.

Research Interests


Also on my Google scholar profile.