Robert Schwarz Robert Schwarz
address:Zuse Institute Berlin
Takustraße 7
14195 Berlin-Dahlem gpg

Current Work

As part of the project ForNe, I am currently working on optimization of gas networks.

More specifically, I deal with the following problems arising within ForNe:

Furthermore, I'm involved in the development and administration of the web interface for the solver software Lamatto++, based on CherryPy.

In addition, I help administrate the SLURM cluster queue for the Optimization department.

Short Academic CV

2010- Research assistant at Zuse Institute Berlin, Department Optimization.
2007-2010 Tutoring lectures on Linear Algebra, Numerical Mathematics, Combinatorial Optimization and Compiler Construction at the University of Heidelberg
2006-2007 Student of mathematics at the University of Paris VI and VII as part of the ERASMUS student exchange program.
2004-2010 Student of mathematics and computer science at the University of Heidelberg.

Research Interests


Also on my Google scholar profile.


Unfortunately, the source code of most projects is not publicly available. For the rest, see my github account.