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Dr. Martin Weiser
Zuse Institute Berlin
Takustr. 7
D-14195 Berlin
Mail: weiser 'at' zib.de
Web: http://www.zib.de/weiser/
Phone:+49 30 84185 170
Fax:+49 30 84185 107
Secretary:+49 30 84185 104
PGP public keys:weiser.asc
QR card:QR code business card

I am head of the Research Group Computational Medicine and head of the Numerical Analysis and Modelling department of the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB). I am also a member of the DFG Research Center Matheon "Mathematics for key technologies".

Research Interests

My area of interest is scientific computing, involving numerical analysis, computer science, applications, and functional analysis. In particular I am occupied with


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Virtually all research related to PDEs is done using the finite element toolbox Kaskade 7, which is continuously extended to cover the needs of current research.

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