In this seminar, we will study literature on optimization models for periodic timetabling and passenger routing in public transport.

Periodic timetabling is part of the strategic planning process in public transport. The task of timetabling is to schedule the trips of each line, i.e., by determining periodic arrival and departure times at their stations. Passenger of a public transport system choose their routes depending on the travel time and (dis)utilities like transfers, fares, and robust connections. Hence, planing a timetable that is attractive for the passengers requires a consideration and modeling of human behavior.



Schedule & Location: 

 Topic Assignment

 Wed., 20.04.2016, 16:00 - 18:00

 Seminar Room 2006 at ZIB, Takustr. 7

 Kick-Off (5-min talks)

 Thu., 02.06.2016, 16:00 - 18:00

 Seminar Room 2006 at ZIB, Takustr. 7

 Deadline Handouts

 Thu., 14.07.2016, 23:59


 Block Seminar

 Fri., 22.07.2016, 10:00 - 13:00

 Seminar Room 2006 at ZIB, Takustr. 7










Requirements & Formalities: 

⊳ Registration

Please contact Heide Hoppmann ( and come to the Topic Assignment meeting in order to sign up for this seminar. 

⊳ Prerequisites

Basic knowledge in graph theory and linear/integer programming is recommended.

⊳ Certificate Requirements

This seminar will be arranged as a block seminar at the end of the summer semester. Every student obtains a paper on one particular topic, which she/he is supposed to present, and is assigned to a supervisor for further questions. The talks can be held in German.

  • At the kick-off, the students present their topics in short 5-min talks.

  • At the block seminar, the students give lectures of about 45 minutes about their papers. All participants are free to choose their own lecture style - blackboards and a projector will be available. The lecture should cover the main results of the paper and selected proofs.

  • A complete understanding of the paper is a crucial requirement for a mathematically correct and clear talk. The students can consult their supervisors, if they encounter difficulties.

  • Every participant is also required to write a handout summarizing the paper. The handout has to cover the main definitions and results and should be of "publication quality". The use of LaTex is strongly recommended (if you don't know LaTex, maybe this is a good starting-point). The handouts will be distributed to all participants by e-mail before the seminar.

  • Each participant must be present at all talks. If this is not possible (clash with other lectures/exams), the supervisor must be informed in advance.



  Office Hours Room Phone E-mail
 Prof. Dr. Ralf Borndörfer by appointment ZIB 3033 84185 - 243
 Dr. Marika Karbstein by appointment ZIB 3007 84185 - 294
 Heide Hoppmann by appointment ZIB 3023 84185 - 247