Prof. Dr. Ralf Borndörfer

Zuse-Institute Berlin (ZIB)
Scientific Computing - Optimization

DFG Research Center "Mathematics for Key Technologies"

Dres. Löbel, Borndörfer & Weider GbR

General Information


Curriculum Vitae


Scientific Genealogy




Teaching (in German)

Lecture: Analysis I for Engineers (WS 01)

Lecture: Analysis II for Engineers (SS 02)

Seminar: Game Theory and Combinatorial Auctions (WS 04/05)

Lecture: Traffic Optimization (SS 05)

Seminar: Geometric Variants of Combinatorial Optimization Problems (WS 06)

Lecture: Integer Programming and Traffic Optimization (WS 06)

Seminar: Applied Combinatorial Optimization (WS 07)

Lecture: Convexity Theorey (SS 08)

Seminar: Combinatorial Optimization (SS 08)

Seminar: Methods of Non-differentiable Optimization (SS 09)

Project Seminar: Discrete Optimization (WS 09)

Project Seminar: Discrete Optimization (SS 10)

Lecture: Introduction to Optimization (WS 10)

Proseminar: Algorithmic Discrete Mathematics (WS 10)

Integrated Course: Computational Integer Programming (ADM III) (WS 11)

Lecture: Discrete Mathematics I (SS 13) [german]

Seminar on Shortest Path Algorithms (WS 13) [german]

Lecture: Game Theory and Traffic Optimization (WS 13)

Seminar: Decomposition Methods in Discrete Optimization (WS 14)

Lecture: Discrete Optimization in Traffic and Transport (WS 14)

Summer School: Combinatorial Optimization with Applications in Transportation and Logistics (SS 15)

Seminar: Network Interdiction Problems (WS 15)

Lecture: Design and Operation of Traffic and Telecommunication Networks (WS 15)

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