As part of the Math+ Thematic Einstein Semester "Mathematics of Imaging in Real-World Challenges" we are organizing tandem talks. In eacht talk two experts, typically from mathematics and computer science or engineering talk about new challenging research in their field. The focus lies on both mathematical foundation and real-world applications. Registration is not required for the tandem talks. Everyone is welcome to attend. For more information and  zoom links please go to: https://mathplus.de/topic-development-lab/tes-winter-2021-22/#tandemtalks

The next talk will take place online this Friday December 10 at 14:00-15:00, with the following tandem talk:

Christmas talk: “Santa Claus needs Optimal Transport”
Bernhard Schmitzer (U Göttingen) and Gabriele Steidl (TU Berlin)
Moderation: Tobias Schäffter