EuroVis 2009 is the eleventh annual Visualization Symposium jointly organized by the Eurographics Working Group on Data Visualization and the IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee.

Workshop ‘Data Management & Visual Analytics’

The Workshop ‘Data Management & Visual Analytics’ will take place on June 9, 2009 at the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB). It is organized by the Working Group 3.1 of the European VisMaster Project.

Here you find more information and a Call for Participation.

Tuesday, June 9   (ZIB, seminar room 2006; rotunda entrance)
Preliminary Program
09:30 – 09:45 Opening
09:45 – 10:30 Invited Talk
Maurizio Lenzerini
10:30 – 11:15 Invited Talk
Silvia Miksch
11:15 – 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 – 12:30 Session I – Support for Database Visualization
Report on Working Group 3.4 on Spatial and Temporal Aspects
Natalia Andrienko
Visualization of Relational Data at Different Levels of Abstraction: Design Principles and Case Studies
Emilio Di Giacomo, Walter Didimo, and Giuseppe Liotta
Visual Exploration of Large Multimedia Databases
Christian Beecks and Thomas Seidl
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 – 15:00 Session II – Integrating Data Mining and Visualization
Visual Data Reduction & Visual Quality Metrics
Giuseppe Santucci
Data Management Challenge
Thorsten May and Jörn Kohlhammer
DB Structure, Integration, Mining & Vis
Kresimir Matkovic and Helwig Houser
Integrating Mining & Visualization
Enrico Bertini
15:00 – 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 – 16:30 Session III – Data Governance
Visual Analytics for the General Public
Wolfgang Kienreich and Michael Granitzer
Reactive Workflows for Visual Analytics
Ioana Manolescu,Wael Khemiri, Véronique Benzaken and Jean-Daniel Fekete
16:30 – 17:30 Joint Closing / Wrap-up Session

The Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) is in walking distance (15-18 min) to the EuroVis09 conference venue. See map below.

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