This is my personal homepage. I am a research assistant and PhD student at Zuse-Institute Berlin. Currently, I am affiliated with the DFG priority program The Active Self and the HU Cluster of Excellence: Matters of Activity. Until 2018, I was also part of HU Cluster of Excellence: Bild. Wissen. Gestaltung.

I am interested in the human face, an incredibly fascinating but particularly challenging research object. Together with an interdisciplinary team of researchers from psychology, pediatrics, cultural sciences, and media arts, we are examining static and dynamic facial features and their perception using digital facial morphology. I’m also interested in the consequences of the application of such techniques in a digital society.

With a background in education and computer science, I am developing methods for digital facial morphology with applications in psychology and medicine in mind. In particular, my work targets the establishment and utilization of statistical face models for facial perception research. Read more about my research interests here.

If you are interested in our work or in joining our team, please contact me via Email.