In 2017, the total income of ZIB comprised €18.1 million. The main part of this was made available by the Federal State of Berlin as the basic financial stock of ZIB (€8.9 million), including investments and Berlin’s part of the budget of HLRN at ZIB. Another large part resulted from third-party funds (€7.0 million) acquired by ZIB from public funding agencies (mainly DFG and BMBF) and via industrial research projects. This was complemented by a variety of further grants like the budgets of BRAIN (State of Berlin) and KOBV (mixed funding) as well as the part of the HLRN budget made available by other German states.

The Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) finances its scientific work via three main sources: the basic financial stock of the Federal State of Berlin and third-party funds from public sponsors and those of industrial cooperation contracts. 

In 2017, ZIB could hold the large number of third-party funded projects. Project-related public third-party funds raised from €5.487 million in 2016 to €6.147 million in 2017, industrial third-party projects declined from €2.371 million to €1.749 million. In total, €7.896 million third-party funding marked another great success in ZIB’s history.