The role of the Scientific Advisory Board is to advise ZIB in scientific and technical matters as well as to support and advance the work of ZIB and in particular to establish and maintain cooperation with universities, research institutes, and industry. Moreover, the members of the scientific advisery board serve as ombudsmen for consultation in conflicts according to the rules to ensure good scientific practice.

The Administrative Board appointed the following representatives to the Scientific Advisory Council:

  • Prof. Dr. Cecilia ClementiRice University, Houston, USA, Department of Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Mail: cecilia(at)
  • Prof. Dr. Michael DellnitzUniversity of Paderborn, Faculty for Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Mail: dellnitz(at)
  • Prof. Dr. Rolf KrauseUniversity of Lugano, Switzerland, Institute of Computational Science in the Faculty of Informatics, Director, Mail: rolf.krause(at)
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg-Rüdiger Sack (Speaker), Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, School of Computer Science, Mail: sack(at)
  • Ludger D. Sax, Grid Optimization Europe GmbH, Managing Director, Essen, Mail: ludger.sax(at) 
  • Prof. Dr. Reinhard SchneiderUniversity of Luxembourg, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, Mail: reinhard.schneider(at)
  • Prof. Dr. Dorothea Wagner, Karlsruhe Instiute of Technology (KIT), Institute of Theoretical Informatics, Mail: dorothea.wagner(at)