The Department “IT and Data Services” offers Open Science and IT services to internal members and external collaborating scientists. It operates large-scale computing and data management infrastructure and offers a wide range of specialized IT services. 


On the infrastructure side, ITDS offers resources such as compute and virtualization servers, HPC and storage systems (including ZIB’s data archive with up to 200 PB of storage volume) as well as new technology for climate, power supply and distribution, all included in an institute-wide management system. External users can get access through the Research Infrastructure Support Environment (RISE).

ITDS also hosts the BRAIN, the Berlin Research Area Information Network that operates the high-speed data exchange network of Berlin’s research institutions with a backbone throughput up to 400GBit/s. In addition, the Europe-wide authentication infrastructure DFN AAI AAI – Identity Federation was implemented which allows participating institutions to use ZIB services.