The Core Facility “IT and Data Services” unites the full IT catalog that ZIB offers to internal members and external collaborating scientists. It combines two main branches: (1) service catalog and (2) infrastructure. The goal of the Core Facility is to build and offer an IT environment that enables Open Science for the members of ZIB and collaborating institutions.

IT service catalog

The service catalog includes all standard services. Special services include

  • a new identity management, which will allow better self-service and automation of common tasks like workgroup communication and management services,
  • new security standards, mainly effecting backup, storage and firewall technology,
  • a new design of the access layer for the internal ZIB networks,
  • a new software-defined firewall system allowing for the creation of two security zones and virtual private networks (VPNs) in which mission-critical and experimental services can be placed and run with different access patterns from the world-wide web.


On the infrastructure side, ZIB’s data center offers resources such as compute and virtualization server, HPC and storage systems (including ZIB’s data archive with more than 50 PB of storage volume) as well as new technology for climate, power supply and distribution, all included in an institute-wide management system.

Modernization includes also the BRAIN (Berlin Research Area Information Network) system. Here, installation of the new 100Gbit router has been finished end of 2016. Until May 2017, BRAIN will take the Berlin research network to the next performance level, raising the possible network throughput from 10GBit/s up to 100GBit/s. In addition, the Europe-wide authentication infrastructure DFN AAI AAI – Identity Federation was implemented which allows participating institutions to use ZIB services and enables ZIB members to use external DFN services with their normal ZIB account.