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Seminar: Mathematical Programming for nonlinear transportation problems

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Sommer-Semester 2015

LV-Nr.: 3236 L 380
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Koch


This seminar deals with different optimization problems in the context of energy transportation networks, such as gas, oil, power or water. Important questions are how to design, extend or efficiently operate such networks over time. The underlying models are mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems together with stochastic aspects. To solve these MINLP or stochastic problems solution methods like disjunctive, bilevel, nonlinear or stochastic programming are applied together with Eigenvalue techniques and Lagrangian relaxations. In this seminar, each student will present a lecture that will focus on one paper about a certain solution method.


The initial meeting of the seminar (Vorbesprechung) took place on Friday, April 17, 2014 at 12:00 h ct in room TU MA 649.

The kickoff takes place on
Friday, May 22th, 2015, 12:00 in room MA 649 at the TU

The main talks will be held on
July, 2nd at TU, room MA141

and 7th at ZIB, room 3028


July, 2nd, 9:00 (s.t.) at TU, room MA141
1. JV - A Bilevel Programming Method for Pipe Network Optimization (J. Zhang, D. Zhu)
2. AL - Optimal dimensioning of pipe networks with application to gas transmission networks (D. De Wolf, Y. Smeers)
3. SM - A mixed integer approach for time-dependent gas network optimization (D. Mahlke, A. Martin, S. Moritz)

July 7th, 9:00 (s.t.) at ZIB, room 3028
1. PK - Computing the minimum cost pipe network interconnecting one sink an many sources (G. Xue, T. Lillys, D.E. Dougherty)
2. TK - A multi-commodity flow formulation for the generalized pooling problem (Alfaki, Haugland)
3. MA - Computational strategies for non-convex multistage MINLP models with decision-dependent uncertainty and gradual uncertainty resolution (B. Tarhan, I.E. Grossman, V. Goel)
4. YF - Hierachical multiple criteria optimization of maintenance activities on power distribution networks (L. Usberti, G. Cavellucci)


Students interested in participating in the seminar are invited to come to the initial meeting. For additional informations please contact Thorsten Koch.

Seminar Requirements

Every participant is expected to attend all presentations of the seminar. Every participant is also required to produce a handout of about 5 pages summarizing the content of their own lecture. This handout is supposed to be produced in good layout quality (some version of TeX is recommended). All handouts will be distributed to all participants by e-mail before the seminar. All participants are free to choose their own lecture style. Blackboards and a projector will be available. The lectures should last about 30 minutes (45 including discussion). Basic knowledge in Graph Theory and Linear and/or Integer Programming, such as taught in ADM I and II, is a prerequisite for this seminar.


room phone email
Office at TU Berlin: Thorsten Koch on appointment Room: MA 602 030/84185-213


Office at Zuse Institute: Robert Schwarz on appointment Room: 3308 84185-406 schwarzzib.de
Office at Zuse Institute: Jesco Humpola on appointment Room: 3307 84185-476 humpolazib.de
Office at Zuse Institute: Ralf Lenz on appointment Room: 3309 84185-180 lenzzib.de
Office at Zuse Institute: Kai Hennig on appointment Room: 3303 84185-266 hennigzib.de
Office at Zuse Institute: Felix Simon on appointment Room: 3303 84185-251 simonzib.de
Office at Zuse Institute: Jakob Witzig on appointment Room: 3102 84185-416 witzigzib.de
Office at Zuse Institute: Julia Kern on appointment Room: 3351 84185-109 kernzib.de
Secretariat (TUB): Antje Schulz on appointment Room: MA 625 314-28643 aschulzmath.tu-berlin.de



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