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Information concerning Internships


  1. Read the Guidelines for internships
  2. search for a company
  3. send your application
  4. if necessary ask your Praktikumsobmann if the intership will be accepted
  5. internship
  6. receive a certificate from the company
  7. write your internship report
  8. send certificate and report per email to per E-Mail to and additionally to
  9. receive the TU internship certificate

In order to advise you well we need the following information:

*Information: Beginning with the winter term 2014/2015 new regulations (StuPO) apply for mathematics, economic mathematics, and techno mathematics. Students who started studying before that date had to decide whether they wanted to continue according to the old or the new regulations.

If already known:

If you need a confirmation letter for the company stating that this is an obligtory internship, please send an e-mail (with your name, immatriculation number and course of studies) to Ms. Schulz

Responsible for all questions regarding internships is Dr. Kristin Krenek

Imprint, Last Update 04. May 2020