Jun.-Prof. L. Trussardi (Universität Konstanz)
Wednesday, December 15, 2021 - 15:15
Online Event
Oberseminar “Nichtlineare Partielle Differentialgleichungen” (Langenbach Seminar), --- ---
Berliner Oberseminar „Nichtlineare partielle Differentialgleichungen” (Langenbach-Seminar)
The equality between dissipation and energy drop is a structural property of gradient-flow dynamics. The classical implicit Euler scheme fails to reproduce this equality at the discrete level. We discuss two modifications of the Euler scheme satisfying an exact energy equality at the discrete level. Eventually, we address extensions to GENERIC flows and implement the case of the damped harmonic oscillator. This is based on a series of joint works with A. Jüngel and U. Stefanelli.
submitted by eismann (andrea.eismann@wias-berlin.de, 030 20372320)