Wednesday, September 13, 2023 - 08:00
Mohrenstr. 39, 10117 Berlin, Erhard-Schmidt-Hörsaal, Erdgeschoss
The central theme of this workshop are mechanical models describing the transport of mass, momentum, and energy in multi-component mixtures, including diffusion, convection, and heat transfer. A consistent account of reactions is a further concern. EMRM 2023 focuses in particular on energetic and entropic tools for strongly coupled systems of hyperbolic--parabolic type, whose analysis is still underdeveloped and has received insufficient attention relative to their tremendous significance in real-world applications. Many complex physical processes not only involve mass transfer induced by random diffusion, but also reaction processes and directed transport including non-local drifts induced, for instance, by the interaction of electrically charged particles. The relative influence of these different processes will depend on the specific application. Developing a framework that asymptotically relates the different models is nowadays an active field of research in multi-component flow modelling. This workshop focuses on the analysis of multi-component mixtures using diffusion models and hydrodynamic models, on the analysis of complex evolutionary systems of hyperbolic--parabolic type, including multi-phase problems, as well as on the connections between these approaches by means of asymptotic analysis.
submitted by eismann (, 030 20372320)