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Winfried Neun

Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin

Scientific Information Systems Department

email: neun@zib.de

Phone: +49 30 84185 196, FAX: +49 30 84185 269

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Professional Interests

LISP and Symbolic Computing

Computer Algebra, especially REDUCE and Parallel CA

Parallel Computing

Processor Design

Activities (just the keywords):

Portable Standard LISP for Cray, EuLISP, OpenMath, REDUCE for various hardware platforms and open source version, MathNet


W. Neun: Implementation of Portable Standard LISP for Cray X-MP Computers Running UNICOS,
Proceedings CUG Fall Meeting 1986, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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H. Melenk, H.M. Möller, W. Neun: On Gröbner Bases Computations on a Supercomputer Using REDUCE, ZIB Preprint SC 88-2, 1988

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W. Neun : REDUCE on a Massively Parallel System, Proceedings IMACS-ACA 95, Albuquerque,
available at : http://www.math.unm.edu/ACA/1995/Proceedings/Authors.html

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D. Draheim, W. Neun, D. Suliman: Classifying Differential Equations on the Web
in: Mathematical Knowledge Management, MKM 2004 Bialowieza
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D. Draheim, W. Neun, D. Suliman: Classifying Mathematical Web Content, in: Algorithmic Algebra and Logic
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T. Wolf, W. Neun: About a Computer Algebra based online Mathtest, ZIB-Report 08-14 (Appeared in: About a Computer Algebra based online Mathtest, in Michael J Wester, Michel Beaudin (eds), "Computer Algebra in Education", p. 1-6, ISBN-978-0-9754541-9-6, Aulonna Press 2008 (Proceedings of the session "Computer Algebra in Education" at the Int. Conf. on Applications of Computer Algebra (ACA'07)))

W. Neun, T. Sturm, S. Vigerske: Supporting Global Numerical Optimization of Rational Functions by Generic Symbolic Convexity Tests,
Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing, Vol. LNCS 6244, pp. 205-219, 2010, isbn: 978-3-642-15273-3
(preprint available as ZIB-Report 10-01)

CV (professional)

born 1953 in Berlin

1959 -1972 school education in Berlin

1972 –1977 studies of Mathematics and Economics at the Free University Berlin

1977 Diploma in Mathematics

1978 - 1979 work in computing at Computer Gesellschaft Konstanz, Constance and Robert Bosch GmbH, Gb. Elektronik, Berlin.

1979 - 1983 Scientific employee at WRB (Wissenschaftliches Rechenzentrum Berlin)

1983 - 1984 Projektgruppe Parallelrechnen

1984 - today Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin

- 1997 Dept. Symbolik

- 2000 Dept. Optimization

- today Dept. Scientific Information

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