On March 3rd scientists and company representatives from Arizona State University, COIN-OR, FICO, Gurobi, IBM, Lehigh University, MathWorks, MOSEK, NTT Data, RWTH-Aachen, SAS, MODAL SynLab, TU Berlin, and ZIB joined efforts to build the next version of the Integer Programming LIBrary - MIPLIB 2017.

In response to the needs of researchers for access to real-world mixed integer programs a group of researchers created in 1992 the MIPLIB, an electronically available library of both pure and mixed integer programs. Since its introduction, MIPLIB has become a standard test set used to compare the performance of mixed integer optimizers. Its availability has provided an important stimulus for researchers in this very active area. Six years have passed since the last update in 2010. Again, the progress in state-of-the-art optimizers and improvements in computing machinery have made several instances too easy to be of further interest. New challenges are needed!

Now open: Call for Contributions to MIPLIB 2017!
See http://miplib.zib.de/