The research campus MODAL, funded by the BMBF, presented the results of its first funding phase from 2014-2019 at an inspection. By means of several demonstrators, that were exhibited in MODAL's Transparent Lab, the two evaluators Prof. Dr. Andreas Schuppert and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Trottenberg and the representatives of the Project Management DESY Nadja Häbe and of the Project Management Jülich Dr. Bülent Genç could assess the work done in the RailLab, GasLab, MedLab, and SynLab, the networking with the industrial partners, as well as the newly planned units HPCLab and NanoLab. Many thanks to all research and industry partners for their dedication!

Photo: ZIB president and head of MODAL Prof. Dr. Christof Schütte explains MODAL's vision of the future.