The German Operations Research Society (GOR) awards an annual prize for outstanding diploma and master’s theses in the field of operations research. This year, due to the corona virus, the prize was awarded at a virtual general meeting of the GOR. The awards were given to Pia Ammann, M.Sc. (Technical University of Munich, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rainer Kolisch, bottom left in the picture), Erik Diessel, M.Sc. (TU Kaiserslautern, supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sven Krumke, top middle) and Sarah Roth, M.Sc. (FU Berlin, supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ralf Borndörfer, right). The award was presented by Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel, the chairman of the GOR (top left), and Prof. Dr. Stefan Ruzika, the chairman of the award committee (bottom center). We congratulate all award winners!