On November 4th, 2021 Google and ZIB entered a strategic partnership to further their common interests in high-performance cloud computing as well as large-scale compute applications for AI, Optimization, and Simulation. The parties will work together on a wide variety of topics including the use of cloud infrastructure to support novel large-scale applications. This is complemented by a research thread in optimization and machine learning, in particular, mixed-integer programming where the partners collaborate on a new type of intelligent solver utilizing machine learning as an integral design component.

Sebastian Pokutta (Vice President of ZIB): "This partnership is a huge synergetic opportunity for both Google and ZIB, opening up the path to novel applications from AI/ML, Optimization, and Simulation (and more generally applied mathematics)."

Jon Orwant (Engineering Director at Google AI) : “This collaboration is a great step forward toward our goal of making Google Cloud the cloud platform of choice for optimization.”

Guido Massfeller (Director Google Cloud Public Sector | Europe North): ‘With our new collaboration, we will set a milestone in cloud research, especially in the area of super computing. Highly scalable infrastructure will decrease time to results by months and even years, enabling further research innovation in machine learning and optimization.’