Since April 2022, the Thematic Einstein Semester (TES) "The Mathematics of Complex Social Systems: Past, Present and Future" took place. Overall, an opening day, three workshops on “Data-driven modeling and analysis”, “Data past and present”, and “Stochastic modeling of complex social systems”, a summer school, and an Einstein lecture series were co-organized by ZIB. This TES was supported within the framework of the Berlin Mathematics Research Center Math+ and the Einstein Foundation Berlin.

The closing event of the TES happened on September 19 and 20 as a final conference consisting of four sessions, in which important aspects on mathematics of complex social systems were presented and discussed. As a highlight of the final conference, the winners of the TES Data Challenge presented their findings and got awarded (from left to right on the photo): 
Mónica Soto (FU Berlin, joint first prize), Lizzy Friese (FU Berlin), Eike Osmers (TU Berlin), Meghan Kane (FU Berlin, joint first prize) and Hanno Fandrich (HU Berlin). The Data Challenge offered students the opportunity to explore open research questions in various social data sets and it remains online for future explorations at: www.zib.de/tes-data-sets.

The TES brought together 64 speakers and an interdisciplinary and international audience, laying the ground for future collaborations in this exciting field.