MCF - A network simplex implementation.
Current Release

Version 1.3

Andreas Löbel

SPEC CPU2006: 429.mcf.

SPEC CPU2000: 181.mcf, a well investigated program.

README and README.changes, mcf.pdf, or mcf.dvi
Supported Platforms

Gnu make (e.g., Linux/Unix/Cygwin)

MS Visual C++ 6.0 (Windows)
License Conditions

Free of charge for academic use (ZIB ACADEMIC LICENSE)

Commercial use requires an individual license agreement!

Gnu make binary packages (tgz): Linux, SunOS, and Cygwin

MSVC++ 6.0 binary packages: tgz, zip, and self-extracting exe

Source packages: tgz, zip, and self-extracting exe
Sites for other min cost flow solvers

ZIB elib

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