A joint China-Germany conference on "Mathematics and Industry" will be held in Beijing from March 15 to 18, 2010. This conference is one of the series of activities celebrating the Sino-Germany Year of Science and Techonology, 2009/2010. This conference will be organized jointly by Zuse Institute Berlin, Germany and Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. The co-chairmen of the conference will be Prof Martin Groetschel and Prof Zhi-ming Ma.

lectures on recent advances of applied mathematics and their applications to industry will be given at the conference. The conference will also organize two public lectures to the general audience about the importance of applied mathematics and the impact of mathematics to industry.

The confereence will consist the following 8 mini-symposium:

  • Mathematics for Production
  • Robust Design and Optimization
  • Multiphysics Simulation
  • Geo Sciences and Oil Industry
  • Infrastructure Networks
  • Computational Biology
  • Mathematics for Finance
  • Traffic and Transportation

All conference contents will be available on the schedule site. Containing:

  • Live and archived streams of several talks.
  • Slides of the talks.
  • Audio and video of the speakers together with their slides.