Updated information

    If you are not a Chinese passport holder, you may need a visa to come China. Please contact Ms Lin-ai-yi Zhu (zlay@lsec.cc.ac.cn) to get an official invitation letter for you to apply the Chinese visa. The following information should be supplied:

    1. your full name (as given in your passport)
    2. your passport number
    3. date of birth
    4. your nationality
    5. the date that you will enter China
    6. the date that you will leave China
    7. the city (or name) of the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate (where you will apply for the visa)
    8. your full postal address (as we need to send the hard copy invitation letter to you)

Rough schedule:
    March 14   13:00-19:00  Registration ( in the lobby of ICMSEC, AMSS ) 
    March 15  09:00-10:00  Opening ceremony 
    March 15  10:00-18:00  Conference 
    March 16  09.00-18:00  Conference 
    March 17  09:00-18:00  Conference