Latest News

The starting time on Thursday, September 11, has been changed to 10:00 in order to facilitate arrivals on that day.

Reception and registration is open Thursday 9:00-11:00, Friday 9:30-10:30, and during coffee breaks.


MG60 is a get-together of Martin's closest "scientific family".

Program Overview

Thursday, September 11:
10-12 Session I
14-18 Session II
20-24 Dinner
Friday, September 12:
10-12 Session III
14-18 President Session
18-24 Party

Sessions: Thursday and Friday morning is planned to feature talks on the general topic of "Combinatorial Optimization at Work", i.e., CO related industry projects and their implementation. This has not to be rigorously scientific. Personal experiences and spicy stories are welcome.

President Session: On Friday afternoon, there will be a session with talks by five presidents related to Martin, which will be open to the public.

Proceedings: We are planning to publish a book "Combinatorial Optimization at Work" as a kind of birthday present for Martin. The book is planned to feature articles on successful applications of combinatorial optimiztion techniques to real-world problems, including a description of the problem, the mathematical solution, and its implementation in practice.

Social Program: There will be a dinner on Thursday evening and a party on Friday evening. Everything is free.