With advancement in surgical techniques, modern procedures are  driven  more  towards  minimally  invasive  surgeries  (MIS). Despite challenges due to the limited view of the surgical site, rotating images and impaired hand-eye coordination, MIS procedures such as endoscopic endonasal surgery and laparoscopy are becoming the de facto surgery standards. A promising way to support a MIS procedure is to optimize the surgical workflow and intraoperative surgical navigation.

Within the COMPASS (Comprehensive Surgical Landscape Guidance System for Immersive Assistance in Minimally-invasive and Microscopic Interventions) project a cooperative, immersive assistance system will be developed to enhance the navigation process of the surgeon. Similar to a GPS navigation system, an anatomical map of the patient will be created and the surgeon would interact with the system using immersive streo-endoscopic visualization where, current position and navigation hints are displayed.