The project "Tailored entangled photon sources for quantum technology" is a project (04/2022-03/2025) within Application Area 2 (Materials, Light, Devices) of the Berlin Mathematics Research Center MATH+ (DFG excellence cluster EXC-2046/1, project ID: 390685689), headed jointly by researchers from ZIB and from TU Berlin (Stephan Reitzenstein).

The objective of the project is to investigate and apply numerical methods for the simulation and optimization of light-matter interaction in nanostructures. A main goal is the investigation and development of contour integration based methods for eigenvalue solvers and for eigenmode expansion, and their application to topical devices for photonic quantum technology.

The project aims at developing and employing numerical methods for simulation and optimization of coupled emitter – cavity systems, and to use these methods for designing systems of QDs coupled to integrated, high-Q microcavities for state engineering. Further we aim at coupling efficiency enhancement for integrated, waveguide-coupled setups.