The DFN-Verein operates the German Research Network, which connects universities and research institutes from all over Germany and serves as a platform to develop and test new applications. It connects more than 750 locations. The backbone of this network, the so-called Gigabit-Wissenschaftsnetz G-WiN, has been launched in 2000 as a replacement for the Breitband-Wissenschaftsnetz B-WiN, which was no longer expandable to carry the continuously increasing traffic volume. The G-WiN, which has been dimensioned for a monthly traffic of 220 Terabyte initially, is the largest privately operated network in Germany.

The aim of this project is to develop new mathematical models and algorithms for the optimization problems that arise in the design and during the operation of such a network. Both long term strategic planning problems as well as short term operational problems are addressed. In the work-package Location planning, we consider questions that arise in the structural design of large hierarchical networks, e.g., choosing and dimensioning the backbone locations appropriately. Optimization problems that arise in the topological design and the dimensioning of the backbone network and in traffic engineering for IP routing are studied in work-package Network design and routing. Furthermore, with work-package Computations of this project we support the DFN-Verein by solving the optimization problems that arise in practice.