In the project Stadt-Land-Energie, we develop open and transferable methods and tools that enable the computation and appropriate reprocessing of robust, regionally integrated, and sector-coupled energy scenarios for the Urban-Rural-Nexus. Our goal is to use the energy scenarios to promote inter-communal

cooperation and accelerate the energy transition on site. To achieve this, we investigate an innovative methodology for robustness analysis in energy system models, improve the model solution time and employ efficient and open data management.

The subproject of ZIB is entitled Uncertainty and Robustness. First, we investigate the quantification of the ranges of uncertainty parameters and describe their statistical properties. Finally, we incorporate these uncertainties in a mathematical model of the sector-coupled energy system.

In addition, different decomposition methods and acceleration techniques are examined to accelerate the calculations. 

The performance of the algorithms will be demonstrated in two case studies. One of them is the city of Berlin and its surrounding area.