Das Forschungsseminar richtet sich primär an die Doktoranden und Diplomanden der Arbeitsgruppen "Verteiltes Datenmanagement" und "Skalierbare Algorithmen", die hier ihre aktuellen Forschungsergebnisse vorstellen.


27.09.19   14:00 Uhr
Masoud Gholami Estahbanati, Multilevel Checkpoint/Restart for Large Computational Jobs on Distributed Computing Resources

05.07.19   13:00 Uhr
Robert Clausecker, Zero-Aware Pattern Databases with 1-Bit Compression for Sliding Tile Puzzles

20.06.19   10:00 Uhr
Frank Müller, Uncore Power Scavenger: A Runtime for Uncore Power Conservation on HPC Systems

29.01.19   10:00 Uhr
Steffen Christgau, One-Sided Communication on a Non-Cache-Coherent Many-Core Architecture

26.10.18   10:00 Uhr
Marc Hartung, What's wrong with SAT Solver?!? A closer look through HPC glasses

21.06.18   10:00 Uhr
Frank Müller (NCSU), Using Machine Learning to Predict Node Failures from HPC Logs

19.06.18   10:00 Uhr
Farouk Salem, Data-Flow Scheduling mechanism for highly-coupled processes

12.06.18   13:00 Uhr
Jan Skrzypczak, Fault-Tolerant In-Place Paxos Consensus Sequence

06.06.18   10:00-12:00 Uhr
Marius Knaust, ORKA-HPC: OpenMP for Reconfigurable Heterogeneous Architectures
Florian Wende, SYCL-based Data Layout Abstractions for CPU+GPU

30.05.18   10:00 Uhr
Alexander Kammeyer, Radix sort for massively parallel hardware: a multi-GPU implementation

16.05.18   10:00-12:00 Uhr
Felix Seibert, Improving I/O Performance Through Colocating Interrelated Input Data and Near-Optimal Load Balancing
Matthias Noack, DM-HEOM: A Portable and Scalable Solver-Framework for the Hierarchical Equations of Motion

02.11.17   14:15-16:00 Uhr
Prof. Christoph Koch (Physik HU Berlin), Electron microscopy with GPUs: where are the atoms
Tobias Kramer, Wavepacket dynamics: speeding up FFTs with GPUs

12.10.17   14:15-16:00 Uhr
Matthias Noack, HEOM: efficient computation of open quantum system dynamics
Tobias Kramer, Performance tuning and analysis using OpenCL on many core processors

18.09.17   14:00-16:00 Uhr
Felix Höfling, Transport and complex dynamics in soft matter physics
Tobias Kramer, Efficient computation of quantum dynamics and transport in materials

03.04.17   14:30 Uhr
Florian Wende, Optimizing Irregular SIMD Execution

28.03.17   10:00 Uhr
Robert Zimmermann, Parallel SAT-Solving - Communication via Remote Memory Access

14.03.17   10:00 Uhr
Matthias Noack, KART - Kernel compilation At RunTime

28.02.17   10:00 Uhr
Marc Hartung, Automated Concurrency Testing using Deterministic Scheduling, LLVM Instrumentation and Tracing

22.02.17   10:00 Uhr
Masoud Gholami, FFMK2 Checkpoint Scheduling

15.02.17   10:00 Uhr
Farouk Salem, The CBM project: Findings and problems

13.02.17   10:00 Uhr
Felix Seibert, Overview on current progress and challenges in the GeoMultiSens

22.11.16   14:15 Uhr
Christoph Kreisbeck, Modeling Photosynthesis and also some Thoughts about Utilizing Machine Learning in Physics/Chemistry

15.11.16   13:00 Uhr
Robert Schmidtke, I/O Characteristics of Big Data Frameworks

03.11.16   13:00 Uhr
Matthias Noack, Compiler Performance Comparison on KNL

31.10.16   13:00 Uhr
Nico Kruber, Approximate Distributed Set Reconciliation with Defined Accuracy

25.10.16   14:00 Uhr
Farouk Salem, Comparative Analysis of Big Data Stream Processing Systems

20.10.16   10:00 Uhr
Florian Wende, Optimizing the FFT Computation in VASP

18.10.16   10:00 Uhr
Robert Zimmermann, Parallel SAT-solving with asynchronous and unstructured communication

06.10.16   13:00 Uhr
Marc Hartung, Find and Verify Concurrency Issues

31.05.16   14:00 Uhr
Tobias Kramer, Tracing back dust jets of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gersaminko

26.05.16   10:00 Uhr
Robert Schmidtke, Big Data Analytics on Cray XC Series DataWarp using Hadoop, Spark and Flink

12.11.15   14:00 Uhr
Christoph Kleineweber, Storage in Heterogeneous Clouds

16.09.15   10:30 Uhr
Jan Fajerski, Erasure Codes für FFMK

15.09.15   10:30 Uhr
Nico Kruber, EU Projekt: IES Cities

16.03.15   10:00 Uhr
Frank Müller, Auto-tuning and Language Abstractions for GPUs

09.03.15   13:30 Uhr
Tobias Kramer und Matthias Noack, HEOM - Realistic Simulations of Photoactive Systems on HPC Clusters with Many-Core Processors

02.03.15   13:30 Uhr
Robert Schmidtke, Interna von Spark vs. Apache Flink

23.02.15   13:30 Uhr
Patrick Schäfer, Time Series Analysis using the Bag-of-SFA-Symbols (BOSS)

16.02.15   13:30 Uhr
Jan Fajerski, Erasure codes in XtreemFS

09.02.15   13:30 Uhr
Florian Wende, Enhancing Autovectorization in Complex Fortran Codes using Explicit Vector Programming Elements

26.01.15   13:30 Uhr
Nico Kruber, Comparing Approximate Hash-based Set Reconciliation Algorithms for Replica Repair

15.10.14   14 Uhr
Nico Kruber, A Relational Database Schema on the Transactional Key-Value Store Scalaris