The following software has been developed and is available for licensing:

Numerical Algorithms

Commercially distributed software package for the computation of solutions to 3D, time-harmonic Maxwell's equations, with a focus on applications in optics. 
Contact: Lin Zschiedrich (  

Flexible C++ library for solving PDE systems with finite elements.
Contact: Martin Weiser (

Statistical thermodynamics software for molecular kinetics and for the simulation of binding processes. 
Contact: Marcus Weber (

FE software package for the solution of parabolic systems of partial differential equations. This is maintained by Prof. Jens Lang, TU Darmstadt.
Contact: Martin Weiser (

[no longer maintained] Contains Newton, Gauss-Newton, IVP, and BVP codes.
Contact: Martin Weiser ( 

[no longer maintained] Contains software for Peter Deuflhard's textbook "Newton Methods for Nonlinear Problems-Affine Invariance and Adaptive Algorithms“. 
Contact: Martin Weiser (



Amira and Avizo 
Modular, object-oriented software systems with many functions for image processing, image analysis, geometry reconstruction and data visualization.
Contact: Steffen Prohaska (, Daniel Baum (

Lenné3D denotes the landscape visualization systems developed at ZIB. The Lenné3D-Player depicts scenes realistically, in a sketchy or in a hybrid mode, offers camera paths and video export for offline presentations.
Contact: Steffen Prohaska (

The successor of Lenné3D player and allows to present much larger scenes with vegetation.
Contact: Steffen Prohaska (

Actin Segmentation
Software for automated segmentation of actin filament networks from electron tomograms.
Contact: Daniel Baum (

Microtubule Tracing
Software for automated tracing of microtubules in electron tomograms.
Contact: Steffen Prohaska (

Microtubule Stitching
Software for automated stitching of microtubule centerlines across serial section electron tomograms.
Contact: Steffen Prohaska (

Serial Section Aligner
Software for semi-automatic stitching of microtubule centerlines across serial section electron tomograms.
Contact: Steffen Prohaska (

A customizable iPad application for kiosk systems in museum exhibitions.
Contact: Steffen Prohaska (

Neuron Reconstruction
Software for the 3D reconstruction and morphometric analysis of neurons.
Contact: Vincent J. Dercksen (

Software for the generation of dense statistical connectomes from sparse morphological data.
Contact: Vincent J. Dercksen (

2d-3d Registration
Software for the integration of 2d image slices into 3d image volumes.
Contact: Daniel Baum ( 

Tesserae Segmentation
Software for the segmentation of tiling structures like tesserae.
Contact: David Knötel (, Daniel Baum ( 


SCIP Optimization Suite
The SCIP Optimization Suite is a software collection for generating and solving mixed integer programs. It consists of the following parts.
Contact: Thorsten Koch (

  • SCIP - a mixed integer programming solver and constraint integer programming framework
  • SoPlex - a linear programming solver implementing the revised simplex algorithm
  • Zimpl - a mixed integer programming modeling language
  • GCG - a generic branch-cut-and-price solver
  • UG - a parallelization framework for branch-and-bound based solvers

MIPLIB 2003 and MIPLIB 2010
These are standard test sets used to compare the performance of mixed integer optimizers.
Contact: Thorsten Koch (

SteinLib Testdata Library
This is a library of Steiner tree problems that is constantly being updated and extended.
Contact: Thorsten Koch (

SNDlib – Survivable Network Design Library
Survivable Network Design Library. Sndlib is a library of standardized test problems for telecommunication network design.
Contact: Ralf Borndörfer (

TTPLIB – Library for Train Timetabling Problems
This library provides test data to benchmark mathematical models and algorithms for the train timetabling problem.
Contact: Thomas Schlechte ( 

MCF – Netzwerksimplexalgorithmus
MCF is one of the fastest implementations of the network simplex algorithms. A version of the code is used in the current SPEC CINT suite to benchmark microprocessors.
Contact: Andreas Löbel (

ZIB Traffic Optimization Suite
ZIB Traffic Optimization Suite is a collection of mathematical optimization tools to solve planning problems in public transit, rail transport, and air traffic. It consists of the following tools.
Contact: Ralf Borndörfer (

  • VS-OPT (Vehicle scheduling optimizer)
  • DS-OPT (Duty scheduling optimizer)
  • IS-OPT (Integrated vehicle and duty scheduling optimizer)
  • CS-OPT (Airline crew scheduling optimizer)
  • TS-OPT (Railway track allocation scheduling optimizer)
  • Route planner for visitors of the „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften“

An optimization tool for telecommunication network design.
Contact: Axel Werner ( 


Computer algebra system developed by Anthony C. Hearn starting in the 1960ies. Since 2009 it is free software (hosted at A group of people from computer algebra and computer science is working on new modules and improvements, resp.

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Distributed and replicated file system for the Internet.
Contact: Florian Schintke (

Transactional, distributed key-value store using structured peer-to-peer algorithms.
Contact: Florian Schintke (

Parallel framework for structure prediction using the threading approach.
Contact: Thomas Steinke (

Heterogeneous Active Messages for Efficient Offloading on the Xeon Phi
Contact: Matthias Noack (