Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB) as a non-university research institute of the federal state of Berlin provides financial means for the enhanced promotion of young scientists at ZIB in close cooperation with universities in Berlin from acquired third-party funding, which are intended for PhD scholarships. The use of funds allocated by the state of Berlin is not permissible in this context. The persons responsible for the granting of the Konrad Zuse Scholarship and the tutoring of the scholarship holders are the professors at ZIB, Prof. Dr. Schütte and Prof. Dr. Reinefeld.

These guidelines are largely in line with the DFG recommendations on the granting of scholarships within the framework of post-graduate programmes (Graduiertenkollegs), however, deviate from these guidelines in some aspects due to the small number of scholarship holders and in order to simplify the entire process.

1. Selection Process

The scholarship holder is selected by the professor responsible for the relevant field of research. An official tender or a formalized selection process is not required.

2. Eligibility

To qualify for the scholarship the following criteria should be met:

  • swift completion of university studies and a recognized university degree
  • above-average qualification
  • presentation of a dissertation prospectus
  • willingness to work actively in the Scientific Computing division at ZIB
  • a maximum age of 28 years (with possible exceptions).

3. Notification of Acceptance

The chosen candidate will receive a formal letter of acceptance related to the scholarship and the rights and obligations attached to it.

The scholarship period will be two years and can be renewed for up to one further year.

4. Formal status

The granting of the scholarship does not constitute an employment contract with ZIB or the federal state of Berlin. In particular, it is not a regular wage according to § 14 Buch IV Sozialgesetzbuch (German Social Welfare Act) and is not subject to social security contributions.

The payment is tax-free and is not subject to income tax regulations.

For graduates of Berlin universities the usual studying regulations apply. The matriculation form has to be presented before the start of the respective semester.

Regulations for health and accident insurance are based on those applicable for students.

5. Payment

The following amounts shall be paid (non-cash) as a monthly scholarship in the middle of the month:

  • Basic amount  EUR 1,365.00
  • Marriage allowance EUR 100.00
  • Child care allowance EUR 80.00 per child

The child care allowance is granted if the sponsorship holder is entitled to receive child benefit pursuant to Bundes-Kindergeldgesetz (Federal Child Benefit Act) or would be entitled without statutory competitive regulations being applied.

Travel expenses for participation in conferences, workshops etc. and for the financing of research visits as well as expenses for invitations of guest researchers will be covered from acquired third-party funding according to ZIB regulations.

ZIB will provide the scholarship holder with a workplace including the necessary technical equipment. The scholarship holder will be treated as an employee and will have the same rights and duties as the ZIB staff with regard to the use of technical equipment and other services (e.g., library, computing time).

6. Tutoring of the graduate

The scholarship holder will inform his/her tutor regularly about the process of his/her research work. The tutor will intensely consult the scholarship holder in matters concerning his/her doctorate. The scholarship holder will be offered the opportunity to give a lecture on his/her latest work at least once a year in the context of the regular departmental seminar.

Before the start of each semester the scholarship holder will comprehensively discuss with his/her tutor which courses/lectures to attend.

Participation in the academic life of the working group and attending individual lectures are essential elements of the doctorate.

The scholarship holder is freed from any obligation in terms of teaching and research. Organisational work related to scientific events within or outside of ZIB are to be conducted on an individual basis.

7. Obligations

With the acceptance of the scholarship the scholarship holder is obliged

  • to focus his work fully on the completion of his doctoral thesis;
  • to report in writing on the progress and results of his work once a year;
  • to publish the results of the sponsored studies and to include references to the funding by ZIB,
  • to participate at relevant lectures, conferences and workshops.

The scholarship holder is obliged to inform ZIB immediately

  • when taking up other employment with a net payment exceeding EUR 150,00 per month,
  • if the work on his/her doctoral thesis is interrupted, modified, finished prematurely or stopped,
  • if the scientific work is promoted by a third person,
  • if a third person profits economically from the results of the scholarship and the scholarship holder has expressed consensus to this,
  • if the scholarship holder is awarded with another scholarship from a third person,
  • if important changes in the personal situation occur.

The scholarship holder acknowledges that

  • the sponsorship can be withdrawn if the studies are not started according to schedule,
  • if qualification requirements for the sponsorship cease to apply, for other important reasons, or that the sponsorship payments can be reduced in case of another employment,
  • the scholarship regulations can be supplemented or amended and ongoing scholarships can be adjusted to changing conditions without retroactive effect.

8. Miscellaneous

Concerning holidays, sickness and absence for other reasons, the relevant regulations for the ZIB staff apply, regardless of the student status of the scholarship holder, during his research stay.

All departments and committees of ZIB are to be informed about the scholarship holder's work and will offer support whenever necessary.

Berlin, 01.12.2015 

Prof. Dr. Christof Schütte  Präsident