ZIB has turned out to be an excellent environment for the academic growth of young researchers. Many former junior researchers of ZIB got offers for professorships and other leading academic position but for also as many others their time at ZIB has been the start for a career in industry and commerce, often as founders of their own spin-off companies. Of course, each accepted offer left a serious gap. However, throughout the existence of ZIB, we have been able to quickly fill these gaps. As a matter of fact, the many talented young researchers that ZIB has attracted make it a vibrant scientific environment.

ZIB has had a significant impact on the community at large, not only through its scientific success and its alumni but also through education and public outreach. The contribution of ZIB to the educational program of the Research Center MATHEON, for example, has brought mathematical modelling and real-life applications into the classroom. As for public outreach, ZIB very successfully participates in “Long Night of the Sciences” with more than 1000 visitors each year, and many members of ZIB contribute to the visibility of mathematics and computer science in print media and TV on a regular basis.