ZIB is organizing public outreach events on a regular basis.

These range from guided tours of the HLRN supercomputing and data archive facilities, via public presentations and lectures, e.g., on the annual Girl’s Day, for visiting school classes, at Berlin’s public education center URANIA or for publicizing the start of the Forschungscampus Modal, to large public events like the “Long Night of the Sciences” where typically more than 1000 visitors are hosted and informed at ZIB.

Especially this platform provides possibilities to provide information of different complexity to according to the structure of the audience. This ranges from simple practical experiments for children to professional 3D presentations at the visualization portal “Da Vinci Studio” with the offer to talk directly to the scientists. The aim is to gain attention by giving surprising insights into “Math in Industry” or “Big Scientific Data”, and to communicate the fascination and usefulness of research in Computing and Data Science to the public.