author = {K\"{a}lberer,Felix and Polthier,Konrad and von Tycowicz, Christoph},
	  title = {Lossless Compression of Adaptive Multiresolution Meshes},
	  booktitle = {Proceedings},
	  year = {2009},
	  abstract = {We present a novel coder for lossless compression of adaptive multiresolution
	        meshes that exploits their special hierarchical structure. The heart
	        of our method is a new progressive connectivity coder that can be
	        combined with leading geometry encoding techniques. The compressor
	        uses the parent/child relationships inherent to the hierarchical
	        mesh. We use the rules that accord to the refinement scheme and store
	        bits only where it leaves freedom of choice, leading to compact codes
	        that are free of redundancy. To illustrate our scheme we chose the
	        widespread red-green refinement, but the underlying concepts can
	        be directly transferred to other adaptive refinement schemes as well.
	        The compression ratio of our method exceeds that of state-of-the-art
	        coders by a factor of 2 to~3 on most of our benchmark models.},
	  conferencename = {Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing, 22