02. - 03. March, 2021

Introduction to the Intel oneAPI Development Environment

Purpose and Intentions of the Workshop

Intel launched the oneAPI initiative at SC19. The oneAPI initiative (www.oneapi.com) is a cross-industry, open, standards-based unified programming model that delivers a common developer experience across accelerator architectures — for faster application performance, more productivity, and greater innovation. The oneAPI industry initiative encourages collaboration on the oneAPI specification and compatible oneAPI implementations across the ecosystem. This past December 2020, Intel released the oneAPI Toolkits implementing the programming languages, models, libraries and tools that are built to the oneAPI specifications targeting Intel(r) CPUs and accelerators (GPU and FPGAs).

The Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit solution is the next generation of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE tools suite. The Intel oneAPI Base&HPC Toolkit provides high performance compilers for Data Parallel C++/C/C++, Fortran, OpenMP and the performance libraries such as Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library and Intel® MPI Library and analysis tools all enhanced to support heterogeneous development.

We welcome you to join us in learning about the oneAPI initiative and how to get on a standards-based path for heterogeneous programming. This two day jointly prepared NHR/ZIB – Intel virtual Workshop will teach the participants about the new and expanded features of the Intel oneAPI toolkits. The presenters will show you how to use the tools for shared and distributed computing on heterogenous hardware platforms including Intel CPUs, Intel hardware accelerators and Intel discrete graphics solutions.

After the event the attendees should understand:

  • the transition from the Intel Parallel Studio Development tool to Intel oneAPI Toolkits
  • how to use the tools kits to develop heterogenous applications running on CPUs and HW accelerators
  • make use of the offered development environments such as the Intel Dev Cloud
  • being able to start developing and porting own applications with the oneAPI development environment

If there is interest to share early experiences, we are happy to extend the Agenda by an optional networking session.


Attendees & Fee

The workshop is open to participants from academic institutions and is free of charge. To participate please register.


Virtual via ZOOM


  • Intel: Edmund Preiss, Igor Vorobstov, Gennady Fedorov, Michael Steyer, Jean-Laurent Philippe, Heinrich Bockhorst, Klaus-Dieter Oertel
  • KIT: Hartwig Anzt, Y. Tsai, T. Cojean
  • ZIB: Steffen Christgau, Marius Knaust

Covered Topics:

  • Intel oneAPI – Introduction and Overview of the New Development Environment
  • Introduction to the Intel Dev Cloud for Testing and Porting Applications
  • Direct programming with oneAPI Compilers DPC++ and Fortran/OpenMP 5 (with demos)
  • oneAPI Compatibility Tool for porting CUDA applications to DPC++ (with demos)
  • Intel oneAPI libraries oneMKL, oneDAL and others (with demos)
  • oneAPI case study: easyWave, a library for tsunami simulations – from CUDA to DPC++ (with demos)
  • Intel OpenMP 5 for Offloading to Accelerators in Fortran codes (with demos)
  • Intel Hardware Roadmap/XPU and Architecture Specifics
  • Application Profiling for Heterogenous Hardware (with demos)
  • oneAPI case study: Ginkgo – a sparse linear algebra library for OneAPI hardware

In case of any questions regarding registration matters please contact
Petra Fehlhauer (fehlhauerzib.de).