Bibliography of Computational Integer Programming Lecture

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Authors      David L. Applegate, Robert E. Bixby, Vasek Chvátal, William J. Cook
TitleThe Traveling Salesman Problem: A Computational Study
PublishedPrinceton University Press, 2006
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Authors      Mathieu Van Vyve, Lawrence Wolsey
TitleApproximate extended formulations
JournalMathematical Programming, 105 (2005) 501-522
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Authors      Tobias Polzin
TitleAlgorithms for the Steiner Problems in Networks
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Authors      Hans Jürgen Prömel, Angelika Steger
TitleThe Steiner Tree Problem
PublishedVieweg, 2002
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Authors      Thorsten Koch, Alexander Martin
TitleSolving Steiner tree problems in graphs to optimality
JournalNetworks, 32 (1998) 207-232
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Authors      Sunil Chopra, M. Rao
TitleThe Steiner Tree Problem II: Properties and Classes of Facets
JournalMathematical Programming, 64:2 (1994) 231-246
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Authors      Sunil Chopra, M. Rao
TitleThe Steiner Tree Problem I: Formulations, Compositions and Extension of Facets
JournalMathematical Programming, 64:2 (1994) 209-229
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Authors      Manfred Padberg, Ting-Yi Sung
TitleAn analytical comparison of different formulations of the travelling salesman problem
JournalMathematical Programming, 52 (1991) 315-357
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Authors      Martin Grötschel, László Lovász, Alexander Schrijver
TitleGeometric Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization
PublishedSpringer Verlag, 1988
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TitleThe Traveling Salesman Problem
EditorsE. L. Lawler, Jan Karel Lenstra, Alexander H. G. Rinnooy Kan, David B. Shmoys
PublishedJohn Wiley & Sons Ltd., 1985
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Authors      M. R. Garey, D. S. Johnson
TitleComputers and Intractability: A Guide to the Theory of NP-Completeness
PublishedW. H. Freeman and Company, 1979
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Authors      C. E. Miller, A. W. Tucker, R. A. Zemlin
TitleInteger programming formulations and traveling salesman problems
JournalJ. Assoc. Comput. Mach., 7 (1960) 326-329
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Authors      G. B. Dantzig, D. R. Fulkerson, S. M. Johnson
TitleSolution of a large-scale traveling-salesman problem
JournalOperations Research, 3 (1954) 393-410
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