Other Interests

My current overload of work in my different "jobs" (Professor at TU Berlin, Vice President of ZIB, Chair of the DFG Research Center Matheon (until May 2008), and Secretary of the International Mathematical Union) where each requires almost full time attention does not leave much room for hobbies and exploring interests that are not work related. I do love my job, but I had the problem of being almost unable to say no to a challenging suggestion. I am seriously trying to change this habit.

That is why my activity as a dedicated museum visitor, theater-goer, etc. has slowed down. My wife keeps me going, though, and fortunately continues to buy tickets for some of the excellent variety, musical and other shows in Berlin and elsewhere. And she keeps me up on all the thrilling art and archeology exhibitions we have here. My business trips occasionally, provide, in some spare time, opportunities to visit such events in other parts of the world. I am trying to make use of these as much as possible.

I have been active in various types of sports when I was young. My wife is sometimes successful in taking me to the gym, or exercise nordic walking with her or go on sports dominated vacations. My students keep challenging me in track and field, soccer, basketball, and squash; and I get the chance every now and then to compete with them - with declining success, though. Age and my love for good food take their toll.

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